Forest Cat Farrell

FIFe Supreme Champion + Great International Premior
Junior Winner, Distinguished Variety Merit , Distinguished Show Merit
SQR LOOF : Sélectionné

SC GIP F*Forest Cat Farrell, JW DVM DSM
brown mackerell tabby & white
NFO n 09 23, born on 2010/30/05
breeder : Muriel Berman

father: CH Buck's Fizz de Laïloken*F
mother: CH Dylis de Laïloken*F


Health pedigree

HCM: normal décembre 2015
GSD4 / PKDef : negative

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kittens :
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show results:
kitten: 9 BIV, 12 NOM, 8 BIS, 1 BOB
adult: 4 BIV, 4 NOM

Farrell... the super show cat and purring machine!
Farrell is, first of all, the result of a friendship story between Muriel and me.
He's also a step in a ten years long selection!
I am so happy that Muriel and José let me welcome this kind boy: I felt in love with him at first sight on him when he opened his eyes and when I saw THAT look!

In Farrell I can see and find
profile and big strong paws of grand father Piero
fantastic coat quality of grand father Terek
Look of his father Buck's Fizz and grand mother Lavanda
Triangle and charisma of his grand grand grand father Korsaire
Fantastic sweet temper of his grand mother Belle
wild color of his ancestors Ushka et Pirate , that I really wanted back in the cattery.

so then...I am SO happy and proud of this fantastic cat, with typical norwegian look and so many great qualities, charisma... and sweet & friendly temperament.

show results :
complete results

kitten : 9 Best Variety - 12 Nominations for BIS - 8 Best in Show - 1 BOB kitten

adult : 4 Best Variety - 4 Nominations for BIS