Forest Cat Belle

FIFe Supreme Champion

SC F*Forest Cat Belle
black mackerell tortie tabby & white
NFO f 09 23, born on 13/08/2006
breeder : Muriel Berman

HCM: negative (january 2008)
GSD4: negative

Album photo

litter 27 , born on 2008/07/29

Belle... has just stolen my heart...

First because of her lines: daughter of Arleen de Laïloken, grand daughter of Ushka de Laïloken and Korsaire av Skara Brae, grand grand daughter of Nachka.... Our most beautiful cats are in her mother's pedigree. And her father Unikum du Valldall is out of wonderful danish lines.

Then... very nice type... what could I say?? Look, coat, perfect profile, great ears with lynx tips...

and at last... what a temper!!! so sweet and lovely, just the same as her mother and grand mother.
Belle also became a wonderful and loving mother!

Many, many thanks to Muriel and José Berman, who let me welcome this little beauty in my home!
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kitten : 1 Best in Show, 6 Best Variety, 7 Nominations for Best in Show

adult :1 Best in Show, 8 Best Variety, 9 Nominations for Best in Show

NFO Special :
Best Variety & Nominated for Best in Show kitten - french NFO breeding show 2007