Korsaire av Skara Brae


EC Korsaire av Skara Brae*CH
red mackerell tabby & white
NFO d 09 23, born on 27/06/2002
breeder : Sarah Runzis

HCM negative (january 2005)


litter 10, born on 18/09/2003
litter 11, born on 21/03/2004

Korsaire is our young stud. I thank very much Sarah for this wonderful kitten... who has grown into a wonderful male. His first kittens show that he gives the best of himself to his babies, and I think that he will be a good breeding male in association with Pirate's lines.

His father Jericho gave him greeeeeat ears with lynx tips, perfect triangular head and straight profile, and from his mother Gipsy he has exceptional look and very good coat.

And.... what a lovely temper...
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kitten : 10 Best in Show (F, Lux, NL, CH, D)
11 Best Variety, 13 Nominations for BIS, 1 BOB

adult: 1 Best in Show, 10 Best Variety, 6 Nomination for BIS

NFO specials :
Best In Show 3-6 months Reims 2002 (F)
Best In Show 3-6 months Nieuwegein 2002 (NL)
Best in Show 6-10 months & Best Of Best Marcq en Baroeuil 2003
Nominated for BIS adult male Lyon 2004 (F)