Ushka de Laïloken


FIFe International Premior
EC + IP Ushka de Laïloken*F
brown mackerell tabby & white
NFO n 09 23, born on 10/05/2003
breeder : Marie-Pierre François

HCM negative (january 2005)



litter 16, born on 07/07/2005
litter 23, born on 29/07/2007

Ushka is Nachka's only daughter in 3 litters...
The decision to keep her at home was very easy and fast...
face to this amazing look, wonderful coat, nice ears with big lynx tufts!...

Ushka grown slowly in a big, high on legs female. She has a fantastic fur, with huge undercoat and excellent quality of coat, and a loooong tail with uncredible long hair on it. She has even a wilder look than her brother Pirate! With her dark coat and big lynx tips, she's just like a ... wild forest cat...

Ushka and Korsaire gave us only one little beauty in 2005: Arleen. And Arleen had one wonderful daughter: our beloved Belle!

In june 2008, as it seems really hard for Ushka to get healthy after only two little litters in 5 years, we decided to neuter her. With a kind of sadness, but also the joy to see her living like a new birth. Some few weeks after being neutered, Ushka was more happy and big and beautiful than she has ever been. It was the good decision.
Ushka will of course go on living at home with our cat family!....
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complete results
kitten : 4 Exc 1, 1 Best in Show, 3 Nomination for BIS

adult : 2 Best in Show, 3 BestVariety, 5 Nominations for BIS

neuter : 3 Best in Show, 1 BestVariety, 5 Nominations for BIS

NFO Specials :
Best In Show 3-6 months in Villefranche 2003 (F)
Nominated for Best In Show adult female in La Chaux-de-Fonds 2004 (CH)
Best In Show neuter female in Balingen 2008 (D)