Nachka du Royaume d'Angmar


EC + EP + DSM Nachka du Royaume d'Angmar*F
black tortie mackerell tabby & white
NFO f 09 23
17/07/97 - 30/04/2007
breeder : David Cayet

HCM negative (january 2005)


kittens :

litter 1, born on 30/05/99
litter 6, born on 25/06/2002
litter 9, born on 10/05/2003

Nachka is my first Skogkatt.
A very big and strong queen (5 kg), with splendid green eyes, nice expression, very good type... and... the temperament of a Show Cat!

Nachka is a lovely cat, very sweet and always talking. What she prefers: purring and kissing in bed at dawn...
Nachka is the mother of our first stud, Pirate de Laïloken, and of her sister Ushka de Laïloken.

Nachka was neutered on July 2003, and began a new show turn as a neuter in 2004, with uncredible joy and success.
In 2004 and 2005, she won lots of prices and helped my young cats to have a good behavior at shows.

My so beloved Nachka left us on 30/04/2007, because of a cancer on bones.
Thank you my princess, for all you gave to me all these years long... I will never forget you.

Nachka's last picture in April 2007, with her grand grand grand daughter Forest Cat Belle
Show results :
complete results
French Top Ten 1998: adult #2
French Top Ten 2004: neuter #2
Skogkatt of The Year 2004: neuter #12
French Top Ten 2005: neuter #1
Skogkatt of The Year 2005: neuter #6

kitten (2 shows): 1 exc.1, 1 Exc.2, 1 special Price

adult :
6 Best in Show
14 Best Variety
10 Nominations for Best in show
3 Best Of Best

neuter :
14 Best in Show
21 Nominations for Best in show

veteran :
6 Best in Show

NFO Worldshow 2005 in Nijmegen (NL) :
CAGPIB/2, Best Variety, BEST IN SHOW + BEST IN SHOW Veteran

NFO Special :
Best in Show neuter female Ath 2004 (B)
Nominated for BIS neuter female Lyon 2004 (F)
Nominated for BIS neuter female + Best in Show Veteran Mennecy 2005 (F)