Pirate de Laïloken

FIFe Great International Champion
GIC Pirate de Laïloken*F
black mackerell tabby & white
NFO n 09 23, born on 30/05/1999
breeder : Marie-Pierre François

HCM negative (january 2005)


kittens :
litter 2, born on 04/10/2000
litter 3, born on 03/08/2001
litter 4, born on 27/08/2001
litter 5, born on 20/05/2002
litter 7, born on 05/11/2002
litter 12, born on 22/05/2004

Pirate's love affairs
Pirate's best babies
Pirate is the first kitten that we kept to continue Nachka's lines, and we have NEVER regretted this choice!!

Pirate is a strong male, with a perfectly straight profile and nice forehead, a good chin, a very nice coat and long, long tuffs out of ears. He has this wild look that I want absolutely for my Norvegian Forest Cats.

Pirate gave us wonderful kittens, and we are very proud of some of his babies: IC Scarlett and IC Sweet Angel de Laïloken, Vixen and Vanille de Laïloken, GIC Solskinn and Ch. Talisman du Domaine d'Asgard, Ch. Tulipe and IC Teddy Bear du Valldall, Lorina av Skara Brae or Uranie de la Toison du Nord...
All of them are the best proof of Pirate's legacy, on shows or through their own kittens!...

Pirate was neutered in June 2004, and now he will have a happy rest among our cat family. Our sweet and lovely Pirate is so happy to be back in beds -))
show results :
complete results

kitten : 6 exc.1, 1 Best Variety, 2 Nomination for Best In Show, 1 Best in Show
adult : 7 Best Variety, 6 Nominations for Best in Show

NFO specials :
Best Variety & Nominated for BIS 3-6 months Lausanne 99
Best Variety & Nominated for BIS adult male Paris Baltard 2001
Nominated adult male Mulhouse 2002

FIFe Worldshow Prague 2000 :
Excellent 1, Best 6-10 months NFO 4