Lavanda of Seven Smokes

FIFe International Champion

IC Lavanda of Seven Smokes*CH
blue silver mackerell tabby & white
NFO as 09 23, born on 16/07/2003
breeder : Susan Solleroz

HCM negative (january 2005)

Album photo

kittens :

litter 12, born on 22/05/2004

Lavanda arrived home in 2003, after I fell in love with her when looking for a blue tabby girl...

Lavanda is a very strong female, with very big paws and heavy body (5 kg for 1 year old). She has a perfect profile with high forehead, fantastic big ears with looooong lynx tufs, promising coat and just the norwegian look I love.
Lavanda has a very sweet temper with humans, but she's now the big boss of our females ;-)
She loves to live in the garden with Pirate and ... she hates Korsaire... she's an exclusive lady!

Thank you Susan for this charming purrrrrrrring lady!!
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kitten : 6 Exc 1, 2 Best of Variety, 5 Nominations for BIS