Litter 54:
Jasperine, unique precious dazzling stone!

SC, DVM Dancing Lord de Laïloken*F + S*Fridala's Saffran

kitten born on 10/03/2014

litter's pedigree
black blotched tortie tabby & white (f 09 22) booked

Jasper is a common decorative or gem stone, but
each piece of jasper is unique,in its colors and colors pattern.
Red Jasper is black with red stripes, or red with dark/green stripes.
Tortie color in cats, is like jasper: quite common,
but each tortie cat has a unique red & black distribution/pattern.

This single kitten, born by cesarean, is like a precious piece of jasper:
dark with red stripes, in a very unique dazzling contrast and pattern.

Her name had to be Jasperine!

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2 months
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4 weeks: Saffran and Jasperine adopted Jørgen - litter 53
3 weeks
2 weeks - on the bed, in family!
2 weeks
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ultrasound - pregnant 5 weeks
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