Dancing Lord de Laïloken

FIFe Supreme Champion
Distinguished Variety Merit

SC Dancing Lord de Laïloken*F DVM
red and white
NFO d 03, DOB 14/10/2008
breeder : Marie-Pierre François

Father: SC Piero Pelù Blue Tanis*CH DVM
Mother: GIC Vivian Leigh de Laïloken*F DM


Health Pedigree

test HCM: normal November 2015
GSD4/ PKDef : negative

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kitten: 6 BIV - 8 NOM - 1 BIS
adult: 18 BIV - 17 NOM - 4 BIS

Dancing Lord, or never say never :-))

Result of the unexpected mating between Vivian and Piero , this sweet red one was just so unresistible that I was unable to sell him... Month after month I could only realize that he was one of the best breeding cats ever born in my cattery.

Dancing Lord, lovely nicknamed "Bébé" ("baby"), was a typical kitten of Vivian: very slow growing, with long head and long body, and without any coat as a teenager - hard work on show....
As an adult, he combines the qualities of his two relatives: super profile and forehead, strong boning of his father, and fantastic triangle, big ears, and long body high on legs of his mother.

Lord is Vivian's second kitten who stayed at home!! a bit difficult decision, because of color and inbreeding. But a choice for a long time thoughtful, and so interesting for future.
And four years later, I am so happy to have made this choice! Lord became a fantastic show cat, and gave us some of the most beautiful kittens born in the cattery, especially with Saffran and Antarès.

And at last,, having Lord at home is such a happiness, because he also inherited from the wonderful temper of his father : in few words... he's such a lovely quiet sweetheart :-)

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Skogkatt of the Year 2011 : adult # 17
Skogkatt of the Year 2010 : adult # 9
Skogkatt of the Year 2009 : adult # 17

Kitten : 1 Best in Show, 6 Best Variey, 8 Nominations for BIS

Adult : 4 Best in Show, 18 Best Variey, 17 Nominations for BIS