Litter 53: the Danish Hviid twins

This was an unplanned litter. Lord and Elora gave birth to
3 very nice kittens, out of half brother & half sister.
Quite high inbreeeding level, and so from their birth, I decided
that these lovely babies would reach a nice family as pets.
Their names are a tribute to their white Danish grand father Gillian's Hvirkelig Hviid:
Danish names, and Hvid (or Hviid) means white.


SC Dancing Lord de Laïloken*F, DVM + GIC Elora Danan de Laïloken*F

kittens born on 30/01/2014

litter's pedigree
Jørgen Hviid
white with odd eyes (w 63) booked
Jären Hviid
white with odd eyes (w 63) booked
black tortie & white (f 02) in kitten's paradise...

Photos :
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Jørgen Hviid

Jären Hviid
all their pictures from birth! complete photo gallery on Flickr