Elora Danan de Laïloken

FIFe Great International Champion

GIC Elora Danan de Laïloken*F
white with blue eyes
NFO w 61, born on 07/10/2009
breeder : Marie-Pierre François

Father: GIC DK*Gillians Hvirkelig Hviid
Mother: GIC Vivian Leigh de Laïloken*F


Health pedigree
HCM: normal - August 2012
GSD4: négative

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kitten 3 BIV, 6 NOM, 2 BIS
adult: 2 BIV, 4 NOM, 2 BIS

Elora is my sweet snow princess, just a little Vivian Leigh in white :-)

I have been waiting such a long time, to see a "little Vivian" among one of her kittens, litter after litter... and at last she was born... Elora!
Triangle, ears, look! All that things that make Vivian so special, and the top given by her father DK*Gillians Hvirkelig Hviid : profile, extra boning and coat quality.
After I had to neuter Calypso, keeping Elora at home was really an evidence.

Elora is white with deep blue eyes. She was tested (BAER test) on 2/12/2009 to be sure that she can hear.

With her first litters, it looks that more than all her type qualities, she has her mother Vivian's and even her grand mother Holy Angel's breeding qualities! This is my best breeding line, and I really hope that Elora will be the next step in the same way.

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Skogkatt of the Year 2010 : kitten # 11

kitten : 7 Exc 1 - 3 Best Variety - 6 Nominations for BIS - 2 Best in Show

adult : 2 Best Variety - 4 Nominations for BIS - 2 Best in Show