Holy Angel av Skara Brae

International Champion

DM - Distinguished Merit

IC Holy Angel av Skara Brae*CH, DM
black smoke & white
18/06/2000 - 04/05/2008
breeder : Sarah Runzis

Père: IC Kong salomon Felis Jubatus*DK
Mère: S*Aristo Limaz Irma

HCM Négatif (january 2005)
GSD4 negative

Album photo

kittens :

litter 4, born on 27/08/2001
litter 5, born on 20/05/2002
litter 8, born on 01/04/2003
litter 11, born on 21/03/2004
litter 14, born on 27/03/2005
litter 18, born on 18/06/2006
litter 21, born on 11/05/2007

Angel is our smoke ladie! Born in Switzerland, she is my sweet lovely baby...
She has a wonderful coat, and fabulous ears with long lynx tuffs.
Angel's lines are new in France, and from these she has THIS look that I like so much, this look that I was crazy on at the first sight on my Angel aged one week...
Angel is a real "Forest cat", what she pefers is running over the garden with her pal Pirate!
She has a very heavy bone structure, and she has really strong kittens who also have her look and coat.

On May 2008, 4th, Angel fell down from a cat tree and broke her neck. She was expecting her last litter..
It was a terrible choc, and Angel will stay in my heart for ever.

Angel left behind her a wonderful line, and she still lives at home through her daughter Vivian Leigh and grand daughter Calypso.
But also in all Europa with CH Utah (cattery av Lahrdal*D), GIC Victor Fleming (cattery de Keyster Fjord*F), IC Sweet Angel (cattery Valgaard*CH), IC Cliff Edwards (cattery Onora*NL), and CH Clara Smith (cattery av Skara Brae*CH)...and their own kittens.

Angel won the title of DM in December 2008. Thanks to GIC Vivian Leigh, GIC Victor Fleming, IC Sweet Angel, IC Cliff Edwards, and IP Coleman Hawkins.

Bye bye Angel...
I miss you!!!! and I will never forget your sweet purrings and all the love you gave me.
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kitten : 7 exc.1, 2 Best Variety, 2 Nominations for BIS
adult : 1 Best Variety, 3 Nominations for Best in Show

NFO specials :
Best In Show 3-6 months Clairefontaine 2000
Nominated for BIS adult female Clairefontaine 2003