Vivian Leigh de Laïloken

FIFe Great International Champion

FIFe Distinguished Merit

GIC Vivian Leigh de Laïloken*F DM
black smoke tortie & white
NFO fs 02, born on 21/03/2004

Health pedigree
HCM: negative 05/2010 (2nd test)
GSD4: negative


litter 15, born on 30/04/2005
litter 19, born on 08/08/2006
litter 22, born on 05/07/2007
litter 25, born on 15/01/2008
litter 29, born on 14/10/2008
litter 32, born on 07/10/2009

litter 35, born on 06/10/2010
litter 43, born on 21/11/2011

Show results:
kitten: 4 BIV, 9 NOM, 6 BIS
adult: 13 BIV, 11 NOM, 2 BIS

Vivian was born in Korsaire's second litter. I did not really plan to keep her at home, but I completely fall in love with her...

Vivian's two parents gave to her all their qualities: perfect triangular head, big and large wonderful ears with lynx tips, strong and long body, and super coat. With, light detail ;-), beautiful profile and nice forehead.
From Korsaire she has this charisma, this attentive and particular very "norwegian" look, and from mum Angel, this exceptionnal sweet and loving temper that Angel gives to ALL of her kittens.
NFO worldshow 2006 in Denmark: Raymond Saetre called her "Diva".... wich describes so nicely her fantastic charisma and Top Show temper!

Year after year, Vivian showed that more than a fantastic showcat, she was an outstanding breeding cat, and in 2013, like her mother Angel, she became DM.
She has now lots of wellknown offsprings all over Europe, especially out of her daughter Audrey Hepburn de Laïloken (cattery des Iles Lofoten) and her son Dancing Lord de Laïloken.

She's now living as a happy and beautiful neutered cat , spending time purring in my bed and educating kittens.

Vivian is the best cat ever born in my cattery and, for me, a real model for breeding Norwegian Forest Cats.

Show results :
Complete results
French Top Ten 2004: kitten #3
Skogkatt of The Year 2004: kitten #15
French Top Ten 2005: adult #7

kitten : 6 Best in Show, 4 Best Variety, 9 Nominations for Best in Show

adult :2 Best in Show, 13 Best Variety, 11 Nominations for Best in Show

NFO Worldshow 2006 in Ferritslev (DK) : CAGCIB, Best Variety, Nominated for BIS

NFO Worldshow 2005 in Nijmegen (NL) : CAC/7, Best Variety, BEST IN SHOW

FIFe Worldshow 2004 in Vienna (A) : Exc 1/3, Best Variety group 8 kitten

NFO Special :
Best in Show 6-10 months and Best Of Best Lyon 2004 (F)
Best Variety & Nominated for Best in Show adult female Troyes 2006 (F)
Nominated for Best in Show adult female Beaune 2006 (F)