Calypso de Laïloken
Calypso de Laïloken*F
tortie smoke & white
NFO fs 03, born on 05/07/2007
breeder : Marie-Pierre François

TEST HCM: negative (january 2008)
GSD4: negative

Père: EC WW99 Remis Felis Jubatus*DK
Mère: GIC Vivian Leigh de Laïloken*F

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Calypso, my little danish miracle, is the one kitten that I decided to keep at home, from the exceptionnal mating between Vivian and Remis Felis Jubatus.

Calypso - nicknamed Ronron - get from mum Vivian her charisma, super coat and strong body. From her father, she has a super profile with nice round forehead and strong chin . All that completed by nice ears with lynxtips, and super quiet and sweet temper!

She's quite a copy of her mother... less white but more nice pedigree... well done mix :-))

Calypso is now the future and hope of our breed.

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kitten : 4 Best in Show, 3 Best in Variety, 6 Nominations for BIS