Lilandra de Laïloken
FIFe Grand International Champion
SQR LOOF : recommandé  

GIC Lilandra de Laïloken*F

brown blotched torbie
NFO f 22, DOB le 10/05/2015
breeder : Marie-Pierre François

Father: CH S*Kullehoppan's Asterix
Mother: SP CH Jasperine de Laïloken*F


Health Pedigree
TEST HCM: normal Juillet 2017
GSD4 / PKDef: négative
genetic id: DNA comp

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kitten: 5 BIV - 3 NOM
adult: 5 BIV - 11 NOM - 1 BIS

Best NFO Female - French Breeding Contest 2018

Lilandra is the second daughter of Asterix who stays at home: I felt in love with her wild forest look!

Just in the opposite of her half sister Jikita, Lilandra is a cobby strong little bear, full of coat, with a medium but fine head.
She could have bigger ears but ... nobody's perfect!

She's a real "forest" cat, ready for the frozen countries, with a wild furry fluffy cat type and an intense look - thanks to dad! Her mum Jasperine did not give her her giant size... I hope that Lilandra will give it to her own kitten!
From grand ma Saffran she has this wonderful round profile with super chin - and also this amazing golden "autumn leaf" color.

Lilandra alias Liloo was born in a hostcat litter, by my friend Sophie, and was a very very beloved baby. From her family lovely childhood, she has a super sweet and quiet temper, very closed to humans.

Lilandra, my little autumn leaf, is like a golden sun which is rising in the whole house!

She had for now 2 very nice litters, and I expect the best for her mating with Kaiser!

Lilandra made me so proud when she won in 2018 the highest french price of Best Norwegian Breeding Female at Salon de l'Agriculture in Paris.

Lilandra de Laïloken- Concours général Agricole 2018
Lilandra de Laïloken- Concours général Agricole 2018