Kullehoppan's Asterix

FIFe Champion

CH S*Kullehoppan's Asterix
brown blotched tabby
NFO n 22, born on 2011/06/11
breederr :Stina Aberg

Father: S*Kullehoppan's Freyj, JW
Mother: S*Assembla Star's Celdah


Health pedigree
TEST HCM: normal - january 2016
GSD4: negative

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kitten: 1 BIV - 1 NOM

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Asterix is my Swedish sweetheart!

He brought to the breed a new blood line, with many qualities in type and health.
As my 3 males are very closed together (Piero - Lord - Farrell ) , I just needed a new male, and this was not so easy to find... I become more and more exigent :-)

When I visited his breeder"s homepage, I really felt in love at first sight, face to Asterix' amazing triangle, and look!!
High on legs, with a strong and long body, Asterix has also a fantastic coat, with so beautiful colour and markings.

With his uncredibly zen and sweet temper, Asterix can live together with Dancing Lord in a quiet hamony!

Asterix had some few very nice litters and now he lives as a very happy neuter with all the Laïloken cat family. Two of his daughters satyed at home: Lilandra (Saffran's line) and Jikita (Vivian's line), both having his marvellous sweet temper and wonderful coat.

A big, big thanks to Stina, who trusted me and let me bring back Asterix to France after a looooong travel from his distant native Lapland.

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