H-Rigel de Laïloken

FIFe Great International Champion
SQR LOOF: recommandé

GIC H-Rigel de Laïloken*F
brown mackerell tabby & white
NFO n 03 23 , DOB 04/08/2012
breeder : Marie-Pierre François

Father: SC F*Forest Cat Farrell, JW DVM DSM
Mother: IC S*Fridala's Saffran DM


TEST HCM: normal november 2015
GSD4/PKDef: Négative by parents
genetic id: DNA comp
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1 BIV - 4 NOM


Rigel, Antarès' sister, daughter of Saffran and Farrell, is the real daughter of her Dad!! In look, boning, coat, she was so much like Farrell , since she was a small kitten, that it was impossible to let her go ;-)

Like a little clone of Farrell, she's a big furball on strong paws. She has this so special charisma coming from her father's line.

She has a medium head, with nice triangle shape, a bit light chin, but very straight profile and fantastic big and well placed ears.

Rigel is a purring machine who likes to be in the air - in my arms, on my shoulders.... and spends lots of time playing and runing everywhere.

Rigel's first fiancé will be Loki - an open mating suposed to combine very well the two!
I am very impatient and looking forward to let them meet but....
they must grow a little bit before!

Farrell et son petit clone Rigel!