Jasperine de Laïloken

Champion FIFe
Grand Premior International FIFe
SQR LOOF: sélectionné

GIP CH Jasperine de Laïloken*F

tortie blotched & white
NFO f 03 22, DOB 10/03/2014
breeder : Marie-PIerre François

Father: SC Dancing Lord de Laïloken*F DVM
Mother: IC S*Fridala's Saffran DM


Health Pedigree
TEST HCM: normal June 2016
GSD4 / PKDef: négative by parents

Album photo

litter 59

show résults:
3BIV - 14 NOM - 7 BIS


Jasperine.... the precious jewel of Lord and Saffran, born in litter 54

This mating gave us before two big litters, but this time... only one kitten. and what a kitten!

With an impressive size, very high on strong legs, Jasperine is the perfect mix between her two parents. She has dad Dancing Lord's fine triangle and big ears with tips, and from mum Saffran she has a super round forehead and straight profile.
She just needed coat!!! But after neutering : she got fantastic fur.
Her dazzling colors with super nice repartition are really charming.
From her first and unique litter as a hostcat, I kept Lilandra, my little autumn leaf.

Jasperine is a hoscat, living by my friend Sophie with her family, some kilometers far from my home.
She has a sweet and purring temper, and comes easily with me on shows.
Nominated at the Worldshow 2016 and North Sea Winner Show 2017, Jasperine is one of the most beautiful Laïloken's show cats.

Thank you Sophie for loving her so much!

Farrell et son petit clone Rigel!