Izadoori d'Hibernia

FIFe Supreme Champion

SQR LOOF : recommandé  

SC Izadoori d'Hibernia*F

black silver blotched tortie & white
NFO fs 03 22, DOB 02/04/2013
breederr : Cécile Heymans

Father: IC Iceboy av Härjedalen*D
Mother: IC Fibuline de Laïloken*F


Health Pedigree
TEST HCM: normal january 2016
GSD4: négative
PKDef: négative

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Litter 58

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kitten: 1 BIV - 3 NOM
adult: 9 BIV - 13 NOM - 5 BIS - 3 BOB

Izadoori... my dreamt silver torbie!

Daughter of Fibuline de Laïloken and so grand daughter of Vivian Leigh and Terek , Izadoori who is called "Zouzou" is really a masterpiece of my continuing line of Vivian. But she also brings her father's very interesting pedigree: I have always loved a lot Iceboy , a cat with beautiful headshape and temper.

Izadoori is a "Vivian-like": with long body and high on legs, she is a great marriage between strongness and elegance.
With a perfectly straight profile and a no limit tail, a super coat with great quality, I love everything in her! Maybe I would like higher ears ;-)

Izadoori is a feline feminine beauty in a dazzling dress, purring everytime.

I am so happy to have her at home, thank you so much Cécile to have made that dream come true !

Farrell et son petit clone Rigel!