H°jmarken's Terek

FIFe Champion

CH D*H°jmarken's Terek
brown mackerell tabby
NFO n 23, born on 01/05/2005
breeder : Katja Schmatz

TEST HCM: too young for now, will be tested later
All Grand Parents negative for HCM

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I'd been looking for a new male for more than one year, and it was so difficult to find a kitten at least as beautiful as Korsaire... And finally Terek arrived at home, and he's just like I dreamt!

"Without white" color and wild expression, strong boning, long tail, nice triangle, perfect profile and forehead... and what a fantastic coat!... what could I want more?... Maybe lynxtips ;-))

Terek seems to fit very well all the queens of my breed. He has many qualities which, for me, make of him also the perfect supplement to Korsaire's lines.
He's out the Scandinavian lines that I love, carrying the qualities that I want to developp in my breeding program.

A very big Thanks to Katja for this beautiful young boy!
Wild look and so sweet temper...
I only regret that Terek hates shows!!!
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French Top Ten 2005:

kitten : 3 Best in Show, 9 Best Variety, 8 Nominations for Best in Show

adult : 2 Best Variety

NFO Special :
Best in Show 3-6 months Asslar 2005 (D)
Best Variety & Nominated for Best in Show Troyes 2006 (F)