Dazzling Beauty Delft du Nord

FIFe Great International Champion

GIC Dazzling Beauty Delft du Nord*F
brown mackerell tabby & white
NFO n 03 23, born on 01/04/2008
breeder : Huguette Moisy

Father: EC Tiger Delft du Nord*F
Mother: GIC Unchain my Heart de Laïloken*F

TEST HCM: normal - december 2009
GSD4: parents négative

Album photo

litter 33 , born on 03/06/2010
litter 38 , born on 21/04/2011

Show Results:
adult : 6 BIV - 10 NOM - 3 BIS
kitten : 1 BIV - 1 NOM - 1 BIS - 1 BOB

Dazzling Beauty, what a name that fits her so well! :-)

Dazzling is the last piece of our breeding plan based on the 3 most beautiful daughters of Korsaire.

Daughter of Unchain my Heart de Laïloken, she also gets back home the great lines of her grand mother Occitane. But also some new blood via her dad Tiger Delft du Nord, father of some of the best french breeding cats.
Big thanks to her breeder Huguette: for a long time I had dreamt of a beautiful daughter of Unchain, and now that dream came true!

What could I say about Dazzling:
a very big and long female, with more than perfect profile, nice triangular head, looooong tail (can't find another word, but loooooong), and fantastic coat quality.
Well we should love greater ears and better placed eyes but... nobody's perfect...
And don't forget such sweet temper, a kind of purring box with paws!...

show results :
complete results

adult : 6 BIV - 10 NOM - 3 Best in Show

kitten : 1 BIV - 1 NOM - 1 Best in Show - 1 Best of Best