Occitane Feux d'Aurès

FIFe Great Internationale Champion
GIC Occitane Feux d'Aurès*F
black spotted tabby & white
NFO n 09 24, born on 17/08/1998
breeder : Sandra Lantairès


kittens :

litter 2, born on 04/10/2000
litter 3, born on 03/08/2001
litter 7, born on 05/11/2002
litter 10, born on 18/09/2003
litter 13, born on 11/10/2004
Occitane, whose little name is Kitty, is a pretty young lady, not so big but with a good bones structure and very excellent type:
perfectly straight profile with nice forehead, wonderful ears with big lynx tuffs.
Her World Winner father also gave her his marvellous green eyes.

Kitty is a sweet and lovely mum, always ready for a kiss.
She's an "indoor cat", and prefers living inside!

She is a very good breeding queen, and her babies both with Pirate and Korsaire are very well typed and strong built.
show results :
complete results

kitten : 5 exc.1, 3 Best Variety, 2 Nominations for Best in Show
adult : 2 Best Variety, 2 Nominations for Best in Show

NFO specials :
Best In Show 3-6 months Lyon 99
Nominated Adult female Lausanne 99