Calife de Kerazan

FIFe International Champion
IC Calife de Kerazan*F

black silver mackerell tabby & white
NFO ns 09 23, born on 13/09/2007
Father: EC Korsaire av Skra Brae*CH
Mother: Far Away Frozen Lands Betty Boop*F

breeder : CÚcile Fritz

TEST HCM: too young for now
(father and grand parents tested negative)

Album photo

Calife... a little Korsaire's double... just a cat to be crazy on!

When Korsaire's latest and quite unexpected litter was born, I fell in love with Calife at first sight.
Then he grown up, and he was more and more so like a little Korsaire Junior ;-) that I was unable to resist and decided to have him at home, more as a pet than as a breeding cat.

However, who knows... maybe Calife will have some kittens. His pedigree (son of Korsaire, grand grand son of Pirate) crosses my two basic lines, and thus he gained some inbreeeding with quite all my queens.

Calife is a beautiful kitten, with such an exceptional look!!!!! inherited from his father, just as his super triangle. Mum gave him a loooong tail, super chin... and add to all that a nice profile and super sweet temper, with a nice coat and light silver, lyntips and white tail tip... what could I want else?....

Many thanks to Sissou and Thomas, to let me welcome Calife, even if they really really wanted to keep him in their home!
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adult : 1 Best in show, 5 Best in Variety, 4 Nominations for Best in Show

kitten : 6 Best in Variety, 3 Nominations for Best in Show