All our cats are tested for GSD4 (negative), PK def (negative)
and also tested for HCM and CIN by ultrasound on a regular basis.

The kitten of Kaiser & Izadoori was born on 11/06/2019

Album photo

the kittens of Kaiser & Lilandra were born on 01/07/2019

Album photo

all our kittens are leaving home :
- aged 3 months or more
- with all vaccinations, panleucopenia, catflu, leucosis, rabies
- dewormed each month until they leave us
- with a chip and euro passport
- with LOOF pedigree (official french pedigree) and FIFe pedigree
- neutered when sold as pets
Our kittens are raised in family
with me and all the cats breeding babies together.
They don't go outside, but can go wherever they want in the house, are never kept closed or alone.
EACH kitten leaving our home will always be one of our beloved babies, and we'll keep contacts with the new owners to have some news of our little cats, all their life long!
have a look on the webcam!

Webcam pointed to kittens
(webcam is not runing 24H/24)