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last updated : 07/08/2019
We have kittens!

At the
Salon de l'Agriculture, our beautiful Antarès won the price of Best Norwegian Female for French breeding 2019 - Breeding National Contest in Paris.
After Lilandra in 2018,
Laïloken's breed is very proud of its queens!

My very first litter was born in 1999... maybe by chance...
but 20 years later, even if my first cats had left us for years,
they are still here for ever in my heart and in their offsprings at home and all over Europa.
Tribute to my four ancestors: 
EC EP Nachka du Royaume d'Angmar DSM, mother of
GIC Pirate de Laïloken , founder of Farrell's line
SC Korsaire av Skara Brae & IC Holy Angel av Skara Brae DM,
parents of GIC Vivan Leigh de Laïloken DM and founders of my main line.

These last 20 years, I saw many "fashions" or "standards understanding". I took part in 17 FIFe Worldshows and so other many shows, all over Europa, where I saw so many different cats from everywhere, and where I met (really, not like "one of my 1000 FB friends") lots of passionate breeders. Some wonderful new (and now old!) friends, but also disappointments.
I was always sure that cats are not kittens machines, but life companions, and that they deserved respect. And respect begins with being aware of the best living conditions we can offer to them; that means, to know how much cats we can take care of. Not to buy 5 or 10 cats in two years , and to sell them away some years later to "have more room" of "because they can't live together" - in that case, you should ask yourself "why"? because here, with 19 cats at home, they are all living in hamony.
One exception in 20 years: Elora, white, half-hearing.
I also was always sure, that breeding is not buying cats to mate them, but to know how to create a wonderful puzzle between the ones you kept and the ones you choosed to add. 
And the last thing, probably because I am a vet: I was always sure that a beautiful cat is first of all a healthy cat, that means to do everything possible (testing, hcm, etc...) , even if we all know that nature and genetics are sometimes surprising.
I am still passionate by cats , by my cats, and go on loving to breed some litters per year. I am as excited as the first day, to watch at a birth, to discover these so expected, desired, little marvels.
I love to live besides them, sometimes I am tired or sad... breeding is not a paradise every day. 

Happy Birthday Laïloken's ! Pirate would have been 20 years old on 31/05/2019

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