Mademoiselle Jolicoeur de Laïloken

FIFe International Champion
SQR LOOF: sélectionné



IC Mademoiselle Jolicoeur de Laïloken*F
Tortie blotched tabby arlequine
NFO f 02 22 , DOB 16/01/2016
breederr : Marie-Pierre François

Father: SC DK*Morgunstralan's Loke
Mother: IC S*Fridala's Saffran DM


TEST HCM: will be done in summer 2017
GSD4/PKDef: Négative by parents
genetic id: DNA comp
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litter 73
litter 74
litter 85
litter 88

show résults:
kitten: 6 BIV - 7 NOM - 2 BIS
adult: 3 BIV - 3 NOM - 1 BIS




Jolicoeur, born in Saffran's last litter, took my heart from the day she opened her eyes ... And I finally felt in love with her super look and coat quality. At last, I kept four daughters of Saffran.

She's a long and high on legs girl, just like her father Loki, with her mum's coat quality.
I love her super feminine look, but OK, I must say that am crazy on high white torties...,
Jolicoeur has a very classical type, and that's what I love as Norwegian Forest Cat.

She has a very calm and sweet temper, but she's also a fantastic show cat... the exact opposite of her parents!

With Jolicoeur I can keep Loki's offsprings and marry her with Lord's offspring (Magic Lord)
She's the future of our breed.