Magic Lord de Laïloken

Magic Lord de Laïloken*F
black silver mackerell tabby jk,n
NFO ns 23, DOB 08/08/2016
breeder : Marie-Pierre François

Father: SC Dancing Lord de Laïloken*F DVM
Mother: Tamsin av Folgefonn*D


Health Pedigree
TEST HCM: Normal July 2017
GSD4/PKdef : négative mars2017

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kitten: 1 BIV -6 NOM - 1 BIS

Our future breeding male!

I had a dream... I had a dream of a black silver mackerell male for 15 years...
I did not keep the very nice ones born in the cattery (like Buck's Fizz, living in cattery Forest Cat) , nor had any heart crush in another cattery, as I did want to buy a cat only for colour..
And then, finally....

Unexpected, only baby of Dancing Lord and Tamsin.... at last, he's here!

My "little" Magic Ball (as he's called from birth), my so lovely kitten, as sweet as his half brother Ptit Bilou, but in the strong and macho version.

Big bear's paws from his grand father Piero, super big coat from his dad Dancing Lord, wonderful look from mumTamsin...and of course very nice hamony in profile/chin/forehead... He will be the new King of Laïloken, going on his father's line, as Lord will be very soon neutered at the age of 10.

Magic Lord will begin in his new male job in 2017. He's always been in love with Jolicoeur, but can also suit very well all the girls in the house.

My silver dream became true!