Dancing Lord de Laïloken X H-Antarès de Laïloken

pedigree de la portée - litter's pedigree
Izia female tortie blotched tabby & white (f 03 22)
Ifalik male brown tabby blotched (n 22)
Ixmoor male brown blotched tabby & white (n 03 22)
Inlys male black & white (n 03)
Imroz male black & white (n 03)
Islay male black & white (n 02)
Ictus male brown tabby van (n 01 22)
photos à 2 semaines / pictures 2 weeks
On September 4th, Antarès was pperated because of a serious breast infection (due to milk engorgement).
She can't feed her kittens anymore, but by luck: Dazzling is verly lovely helpful.
and of course.... lots of feeding bottles of milk are necessary for these hungry 12 mouthes !
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