Morgunstralan's Loke

Morgunstralan's Loke*DK

blue (silver) blotched tabby & white
NFO a(s) 09 22, DOB 2012/07/05
breeder : Joan Jacobsen

Father: CH DK*Morgunstralan's Merlin JW
Mother: Hoppeahännan Jääprinsessa*FIN


Pedigree santé
TEST HCM: normal May 2013
GSD4: négative by parents

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Forest Cat Litter I


Loki is co-owned by Muriel Berman.
He's living in Vichy in Forest Cat Cattery.

I was very impressed when I met loki's father, Merlin, at the Worldshow in Poznan in 2011. And when I looked at his son Loke for the first time... I completely fell in love with his fantastic look !

Loki has such wonderful look and ears with big tips! With very fluffy fur, and his father impressive boning, he's a real forest cat: strong, full of coat
, with big lynx tips and a wild expression... just a male as I like them!

As I always loved his danish lines, no wonder that I am very happy that this lovely male will take a great part in my breeding plan.
We decided that he will live by my very good friend Muriel.

I am now very impatient to let Loki meet my sweet Izadoori, and probably some other girls in the future. His first litter in Forest Cat's cattery is just wonderful!

Thank you so much Joan for entrusting me with that fantastic male!

Farrell et son petit clone Rigel!
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