Zeras Kaiser
FIFe International Champion

SQR LOOF: sélectionné

IC NO*Zeras Kaiser
blue spotted tabby and white
NFO a 09 24, DOB 11/01/2018
breeder : Hege Sperling - Zeras

Father: GIC S*Zimexis Brandon Flowers DVM
Mother: CH NO*Zeras Erle


TEST HCM: will be done in winter 2019
GSD4/PKdef : negativ (Antagène)

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show results:
kitten: 3 BIV - 4 NOM - 2 BIS - 2 BOB

Kaiser: prince of Norway!

For more than a year, I searched for a young male who would bring a new blood and open the breeding lines. It was not easy,the requirements being high: especially in terms of health (HCM screening and genetic tests imperative throughout the line), of type (I had to bring back some length on my lines sligthly cobby), and of lines (not finding the lines worked on in breeding for almost 20 years ... was not easy!).
And finally ... a little blue face made my heart beat faster, and the icing on the cake: he was born in Norway, the country of origin of our wonderful breed.

And Kaiser has arrived in France! With a fantastic temper, at the end of a long journey he integrated into the Laïloken family in just a few days.

Of a type a little more modern and extreme than the one present at the cattery, he has a beautiful triangle with huge ears that are well aligned, a perfect profile, a length of tail and height on legs combined to a strong bone structure which make of him a promising male in terms of size.
His wonderful look, typically Norwegian, is very similar to the one of our beautiful Danish Loki.

Many thanks to his breeder Hege, who trusted me and allowed me to bring this wonderful little boy from Norway, cuddly and adorable!