Folli Follie du Clos de Cachadar

FIFe Champion

CH Folli Follie du Clos de Cachadar *F
blue blotched tabby
NFO a 22, born on 2010/10/25
breeder : Pascal Lucas

Father: GIC Alonso de Khazad Dum*F
Mčother: Janka Karodok*PL

TEST HCM: parents négative, will be tested in 2012
GSD4: parents négative

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Follie is my "host cat"! She's living by my friend Marie-Hélène, just some kilometers from my home..

Follie is the "without white" female that I looked for such a long time, to offer a nice Fiancée to Dancing Lord
She's a strong female, high on legs with a long body. She has a nice medium triangle with straight profile and big ears with XXL lynx tips.
Her sweet and lovely temper is really a perfect quality that permit me to show her without her beloved owner Marie-Helène.

Thanks to Pascal and Karine who let me have their blue princess when the breeder who booked her finally changed his mind... Good luck for me! :-)

Follie is living with Marie-Hélène, her family, and 3 Norwegian Forest Cats born at home:
Black Velvet, Berry Bear et Chisholm de Laïloken.
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