Eowyn de Laïloken

Great International Champion

GIC Eowyn de Laïloken*F
tortie & white
NFO f 09, born on 07/10/2009
breeder : Marie-Pierre François

Father: GIC DK*Gillians Hvirkelig Hviid
Mother: GIC Vivian Leigh de Laïloken*F DM


Health Pedigree
HCM: normal - August 2012
GSD4: négative

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kitten: 2 BIV, 2 NOM
adult: 3 BIV, 6 NOM
, 1 BIS

Eowyn is the blazing sister of the white Elora... Sisters and nevertheless so different!

While Elora is for me the continuity in type of Korsaire's line, Eowyn represents more a contribution by her father's line.

It's impossible to resist to this little bear-cat, with brillant coat, funny color pattern (red ear-tips, white tail- tip...), strong paws and sweet temper.
Eowyn has some different qualities from her sister, what gave me a good excuse to keep her too.
Most of all her strong boning with very good proportions, excellent profile with nice round forehead and nice ears. She also has a very good coat.

Keeping Eowyn at home was really not planed, but she made just what was needed ton convince me...
Her facetious and sweet temper is ... yes... a terrible weapon ;-)

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Skogkatt of the Year 2012 : adult # 17

kitten : 4 Exc 1 - 2 Best in variety - 2 Nom for BIS

adult : 3 Best in variety - 6 Nom for BIS - 1 Best in Show