Pirate's best babies
Our male GIC Pirate de Laïloken had 62 kittens between 2000 and 2004:
6 litters in our cattery and some outside matings!
Pirate's all litters

Among these babies, some of them became stars of the podiums ;-)
and/or proud parents, continuing Pirate's lines.

We are specially proud of

EC Solskinn du domaine d'Asgard - cattery Domaine d'Asgard*F
GIC Scarlett de Laïloken - litter 3 - cattery FriggOdin*F
GIC Talvig du Domaine d'Asgard - cattery Talmanis*F
GIP Tiny Troll du Valldall - Belgium
IC Sweet Angel de Laïloken - litter 4 - cattery Valgaard*CH
IC Vanille de Laïloken - litter 12 - chatteryvon Tansibor*CH
IC Teddybär du Valldall - cattery de l'Arctic*F
IC Uranie de la Toison du Nord - cattery Edel's Garden*F
IC Vixen des Iles Lofoten - cattery B*Serola's
CH Tulipe du Valldall - cattery Hibernia*F
CH Talline du Valldall - cattery Forest Cat*F
Vixen de Laïloken - litter 12 - cattery Maneki Neko*F

Thanks to all their owners
to give me often
news and pics!