H-Antarès de Laïloken

FIFe Grand International Champion
Distinguished Variety Merit FIFe
SQR LOOF: recommandé

GIC H-Antarès de Laïloken*F DVM
brown blotched tabby & white
NFO n 03 22 born on 04/08/2012
breeder: Marie-Pierre François

Father: SC F*Forest Cat Farrell, JW DVM DSM
Mother: IC S*Fridala's Saffran DM


TEST HCM: normal November 2015
GSD4/ PKDef: Négative by parents
genetic id: DNA comp
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show results:
kitten: 2 BIV - 3 NOM
adult: 9 BIV - 10 NOM - 2 BIS

Antarès, sister of Rigel, daughter of Saffran et Farrell, is for me the very typical Norwegian Forest Cat that I would like to breed, with that fantastic special look which make me crazy.

Yes, I agree, she's maybe not really what the actual "NFO fashion" would like! with a bit straight ears, and medium head.
But she's MY OWN perfect cat in type, with such fantastic boning, coat quality, expression, profile, strong head lines.

Her marvellous look comes from her mother's line, quite the same than her half sister Gaelic Legend for example.

I also love her long ear-tufts coming out the ears (thanks to dad Farrell!) and most important: her super quiet and sweet temper.

I hope that Antarès will be the perfect female for Dancing Lord : previous matings of Lord with Saffran were so nice... This one with her daughter should be even more better :-)